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Family Health was started as hospital owned clinic in 1996. The founding doctors soon tired of having to put the hospital’s interests before the patient’s well being. We declared our independence in 2001 and never looked back. Now we only serve one master – the patient. Family Health practitioners are ready to serve your medical, emotional and spiritual needs. With us, you are a living, real person, not just a customer. At Family Health, we listen. We Care.

  • Immunization Update

    All schools in the state of Michigan are now requiring the Tetanus Booster with Pertussis, Menactra for Meningitis and the two doses of Varicella for the Chicken Pox before you child can attend school. There have been reports of an increase of Pertussis in the Detroit Metropolitan area. With this in mind, we are recommending
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    We offer sports physicals for your athlete at a low cost of only $35 for anyone who does not have insurance.
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